Our facilities and services

In New Zealand, and elsewhere in the developed world, 21st century medical care requires access to donated human tissue and its associated data.

Without this donated tissue, breakthroughs in medical research are limited.

Te Ira Kawai – Auckland Regional Tissue Bank (ARTB) has been set up to provide a head start for researchers and clinicians who previously had limited access to tissue samples.


ARTB facilities are located at the University of Auckland’s Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences opposite Auckland Hospital in Grafton, as well as at Middlemore and North Shore Hospitals.

Services provided

ARTB can provide clinicians and researchers with a range of services that includes:

  • the capacity to store more than 300,000 samples at between -80 and -196 degrees C provision of existing tissue samples
  • assistance with sourcing specific new tissue samples
  • assistance with ethics approvals and applications for tissue use
  • provision of robust, independent advice
  • provision of cultural advice
  • provision of a centralised resource to track and trace tissue samples
  • acquisition of additional tissue bank samples and assuming governance a duty of care requirements.