For Tissue Donors

Is the concept of tissue banking new to you?

Tissue banking is essential to medical research, in New Zealand and around the world.

It begins with the donor.

Auckland Regional Tissue Bank - Te Ira Kāwai would like to assure you that all donated tissue is gratefully received. It will help researchers make breakthroughs that lead to better patient outcomes.

We take great care in our role as Kaitiaki (Guardian).

Donated tissue may be used by world-class researchers in their quest to improve treatments, even find cures, for cancer and other diseases.

More information about tissue donation.

Donating tissue is so important and so simple

Tissue donation is enormously important in the fight against cancer, which will touch one in three New Zealanders personally or through a relative or friend.

Donating tissue is quite a simple process.

With a patient’s consent, and after the tissue has been used for a patient’s diagnostic work, it can be donated to Auckland Regional Tissue Bank — Te Ira Kāwai.

The tissue can then be made available to ethically approved research projects.

Before the creation of Auckland Regional Tissue Bank — Te Ira Kāwai, the tissue would have been disposed of after diagnosis, in accordance with District Health Board or the University of Auckland protocols.

It would not have been used to help researchers in their battle against cancer and other diseases.

Fact sheet and consent form

For participants (tissue donors), this document will provide you with the information you will need to provide your informed consent to the Auckland Regional Tissue Bank — Te Ira Kāwai. Please choose the relevant form below based on your District Health Board.