For Health Professionals

Can you further enable the tissue banking process?

The Auckland Regional Tissue Bank — Te Ira Kāwai exists to support researchers and clinicians in advancing the field of translational research.

Successful tissue banking is critical to research and relies on a team effort, right across the health sector, with everyone striving for best practice.

With a centralised tissue bank, duplications in systems and processes can be minimised. Streamlining tissue bank practices allows easier access by researchers and reduces interruptions to normal hospital work-flows.

How you might support medical research that relies on tissue banking

Staff at Auckland-area District Health Boards can play a crucial role in the ongoing development of Auckland Regional Tissue Bank — Te Ira Kāwai.

By contributing to the development of the tissue bank, you’ll be helping to build a valuable resource that can contribute to improved health outcomes for New Zealanders.

If you are asked to help, or would like to be involved, the support you provide would depend on your area of professional practice. This involvement may consist of:

  • giving a consent form and information sheet to your patient
  • answering any questions your patient may have
  • asking your patient to complete the consent form for their participation in tissue banking.

You could also be asked to help in the sample procurement workflow and ensure high-quality samples are collected and stored for tissue banking. DHB staff who are likely to be approached or would be involved early on include:

  • Surgical, haematology and oncology teams who would seek consent for Auckland Regional Tissue Bank — Te Ira Kāwai during routine surgical or clinical consultation or admissions
  • Anatomical pathology teams who would ensure any sample available, from consented participants, after requirements for the diagnostic procedure are meet is routed into the tissue bank
  • Orderlies and health care assistants who would ensure tissue is moved promptly and fresh from the operating theatre or procedure room to the anatomical pathology department
  • Diagnostic laboratory staff who would take part in parts of the tissue or blood processing prior to storage in the tissue bank.

Request for sample withdrawal form

Fact sheet and consent form

Patient information sheets and consent forms for future unspecified use of tissue: