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New Zealand– A world leader in influenza research

Kiwis collaborating on global flu-like SHIVERS

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The issue

Flu is a global menace that has burdened mankind for centuries, yet there is still so much about it that we do not know.

The fact that Kiwis are such great collaborators, and because of the uniqueness of our geography and health system, there was an opportunity to help in a significant way.

The solutions

The SHIVERS project - Southern Hemisphere Influenza and Vaccine Effectiveness Research & Surveillance - project is proving to be a great example of kiwi can-do research.

SHIVERS aims to develop a better understanding of the ‘burden’ of influenza and how it spreads around the world.


A five-year, multi-centre and multi-disciplinary collaboration is being funded by the US Centres for Disease Control (CDC) and the Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR).

The Kiwis were chosen over other Southern Hemisphere applicants because of collaboration that includes researchers at ESR, Auckland DHB, the University of Auckland, Otago University, and Chicago’s St Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

SHIVERS also includes a dedicated team of five research nurses at Auckland DHB who work on the project year-round.

More information is available at SHIVERS.