Integrated Cancer Centre

One of the first specific projects in the Auckland Academic Health Alliance (AAHA) is to design and implement an Integrated Cancer Centre (ICC). This brings a unique and exciting opportunity to truly integrate translational and clinical research programmes to improve patient outcomes.

Cancer is a major cause of mortality and morbidity in New Zealand; we have the fourth highest cancer rate in the world. Every day 60 New Zealanders will be told they have cancer. The disease accounts for nearly a third of all deaths and more than 70% of deaths among those aged 65 and over. Left unchecked, it will have serious and far reaching implications as our population ages.

The path between the University laboratory and oncology clinics has shortened and become more direct. Interaction between academics and clinicians is no longer an exceptional partnership. It is critical that we future proof the health of the community against cancer. To do so, we need to undertake the kind of vital research that gives rise to new knowledge that will allow earlier diagnosis and more effective treatment for future generations

Since the establishment of the Medical School in 1968, the University of Auckland has earned a reputation locally, nationally and internationally for its work in the field of cancer research and cancer treatment especially in the pre-clinical area of research. The University has an established reputation in the field of cancer drug development but more recently has been able to build on this in partnership with Auckland District Health Board’s clinical and laboratory services


Three key pillars of the ICC are:

·        Te Ira Kawai - Auckland Regional Tissue Bank

·        A consolidated genomics research platform

·       Auckland Cancer Trials Centre

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