Rotary Club of Newmarket Fellowships

The Newmarket Rotary Charitable Foundation supports an oncology internship at the University of Auckland’s Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences.

This scheme allows cancer specialists in training to work in Professor Cris Print’s research laboratory in the University for an intensive four to six weeks, where they participate first hand in research into the genetic abnormalities that underlie cancer.

Involvement in research prepares future cancer specialists for the research-led environment in which they will practice and builds long term links between Auckland’s clinicians and medical scientists


The oncology award began in 2006, when the President of the Rotary Club of Newmarket; Ron Seeto’s daughter, Ruby developed liver cancer.

Ruby was treated by oncologists at Starship Hospital and made a remarkable recovery. She has also become a committed fundraiser for Starship, producing an annual tea towel.

In 2011, through collaboration between Professor Print, Professor Mike Finlay and Brian McMath from the Newmarket Rotary Charitable Foundation, this award developed into a more generic oncology internship scheme.

From 2015 the award will be named in honour of the late Ross Craig who passed away in 2014. Ross, a Newmarket Rotarian for 38 years and past District Rotary Governor, was a founding trustee of the Newmarket Rotary Charitable Foundation.

Seven clinicians have now undertaken this internship – Drs Sheridan Wilson, Aneta Suder, Malcolm Anderson, Christine Khoo, Nicole Kramer and Jon Mathy.


Please contact Professor Cristin Print for information regarding the application process.

 Professor Cristin Print, Dr Nicole Kramer and Brian McMath From left: Professor Cristin Print, Dr Nicole Kramer and Brian McMath, Chairman, The Newmarket Rotary Charitable Foundation, in the oncology research lab