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This section provides information and photos pertaining to the latest relevant news and events involving the Auckland Academic Health Alliance (AAHA), Auckland University and the Auckland District Health Board

Latest news

  • Domestic fires don't only affect children's breathing
    01 November 2018
    Smoke from domestic fires may cause not only respiratory diseases in children, but skin conditions too.
  • When every second counts
    01 November 2018
    The stroke unit at Auckland City Hospital is one of just a few centres in the world – and one of the most active – in implementing a new treatment that is preventing deaths and transforming lives for people who have strokes caused by clots.
  • Treatment shown to reduce fractures in older women
    04 October 2018
    Researchers from the University of Auckland have shown that a treatment known to reduce fractures in women with osteoporosis is equally effective in reducing fractures in women over the age of 65 who have only mild bone loss.
  • Antenatal scans save heart disease babies’ lives
    04 October 2018
    Babies with life-threatening but treatable heart disease are more likely to survive if the disease is picked up before birth a new study shows – but researchers say too few pregnant women in Aotearoa New Zealand receive an antenatal diagnosis.
  • Father’s blindness leads to son’s vision for eye disease cure
    01 October 2018
    An Auckland bioengineer has made research into screening for eye diseases his life’s obsession in honour of his father who went blind as a boy.

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