Suturing Skills and Wound Care Workshop Event as iCalendar

12 August 2017

Venue: Advanced Clinical Skills Centre

Location: Gate 3, 98 Mountain Road, Epsom,

Contact email:

This workshop is suitable for doctors who have done some suturing and need revision, reinforcement and to practice suturing skills and techniques.

Convened by:

Dr Sharad Paul, Senior Lecturer, School of Medicine (skin cancer),

University of Queensland.

Hon. Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Surgery,

University of Auckland.

This is a one-day workshop which comprises of lectures, tutor demonstration and practice. Lecture subjects are introduction to suturing, wound closure techniques, wound care, wound management and skin lesions.

Participants will have an opportunity to observe the tutor demonstrating each activity. Practice will include hand and instrument knot tying, various superficial skin closures, deep sutures, dog ears and contour defects.

Pork belly is used as the model for the suturing.

Saturday 12 August 2017

For further information and to register for this course, contact us: Phone: +64 9 923 9304


Registration fee $560.06 inc. GST

Registration closes 28 July 2017

Full catering is provided.