Funded Projects


  • Simon Swift and Haemish Crawford – Characterising bacterial strains that cause paediatric osteomyelitis (2020-2023)
  • Daniel Exeter and Helen Wihongi – Māori healthcare models and indicators to inform funding decisions
  • Alan Merry and Jiayi Gong – Opioid use and harm following hospital admission for surgery and trauma (due 2023)
  • Fiona McBryde and Doug Campbell – Protecting collateral blood flow in ischaemic stroke (due 2023)



  • Malcolm Battin and Sue Stott – Earlier diagnosis of cerebral palsy in children
  • Jill Cornish and Paul Monk – Evaluating Lactoferrin for treating prosthetic joint infections



  • Rob Doughty and Ralph Stewart – A simple blood test to help prevent recurrent heart events
  • Malcolm Battin and Sue Stott –



  • Shuan Dai and Steven Dakin – Fixing Amblyopia, or lazy eye, in children
  • Sheridan Wilson and Annette Lasham – Monitoring of plasma RNA levels during chemotherapy treatment for metastatic breast cancer
  • Arend Merrie and Gregory O’Grady – Evaluating mechanisms to reduce lack of muscle contractions in the intestines (ileus) after colorectal surgery
  • Giuseppe Sasso and Beau Pontre – Developing a non-invasive alternative for atrial fibrillation
  • Lalit Kalra and Cathy Stinear – A new tool to predict independent walking following a stroke



  • Susann Beier and Mark Webster – Creating the world’s first coronary artery flow atlas
  • Merryn Gott and Andrew Old – End-of-life care provision by the Auckland District Health Board
  • Mike Dragunow and Clinton Turner – Managing patients with recurrent meningioma



  • Jillian Cornish and John Ferguson – Clinical efficacy of bone dust harvested at the time of orthopaedic spinal surgery
  • Stefan Bohlander and Neil van de Water – Minimal residual disease diagnostics in acute myeloid leukaemia
  • Darren Svirskis and Ian Costello – Portable infusion devices for chemotherapy in Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
  • Peter Stone and Kevin Ellyett – The link between a pregnant woman’s sleeping position and stillbirth
  • Johanna Montgomery and Jonathan Skinner – Addressing the cellular basis of Long QT Syndrome